Friday, November 11, 2011

House Recap

I quickly realized after yesterday's post, that I didn't totally share the info about our former house.
And like I said, it truly was a labor of love.
Jer and I first fell in love with the house because of the exterior.
We love Southern, Brick Colonials.  And the fact that it sat up on a hill... It was perfect.
But, upon closer was not so perfect.  Everything needed to be painted, or cleaned, or both.
And with Jer working 60+ hours a week, guess who was going to do all of this?!
Yeah, so now you can see why I was so attached to this house.  It needed me.

The front of the house
We removed a large black awning from above the door and repainted all of the trim and shutters

Here's the living room when we moved in.  Beautiful molding, fireplace and built-ins.  Not so beautiful color on the walls (seriously, the gold was worse in person).

and after painting and decorating (which took a few years to save up to drape all of those windows)...
and from the other side of the room

and a couple of years later,
 we updated the living room with new furniture and rug, thanks to generous family members
our dining room before was another intense color- chartreuse green with a broken gold/brass chandelier

a nicer green and a new chandelier later...
We picked up the table at an after market sale, and the China Cabinet was Jeremy's grandmother's

The kitchen was the worst room yet.  It had wonderful cabinet space and.....that's about it.
The color, the laminate counters, the disgusting floor..  It was a blue and cream mess with light wood trim and cabinets. 

Jer and some of his college buddies laid the new ceramic tile floor.  He and I took care of grouting the floor (never again) and he also handled all the the trim work.  I took care of the painting.  and 2 new light fixtures later.

a New sink, Stove and Dishwasher.  Plus new black granite counter tops with a ceramic backsplash. 
 It was my dream kitchen.

When we moved in, we had a separate 2 car garage (that's more of a carriage house than a garage), that we were told to tear down because it was unsalvageable.
So, we rebuilt it wall by wall, handled some foundation issues, put up some new siding, replaced the rickety stairs...

and gave Jer an awesome man garage to house all of his tools, bikes and toys.

Plus, we added a bonus room upstairs (Jer drywalled and laid flooring).
Jeje lived up there for a year.  It was perfect.

We also used this random part of the yard....

to put in a brick patio

and then got some patio furniture and painted the fence and the stairs white

So yeah, we were busy.  And I didn't even mention the new bathroom
4 years later, it is a house that we are proud to give to the new owners.  Even if I did forget to clean out the freezer. (oops.)


  1. I cannot believe everything you did. You transformed that house, and we have so many wonderful memories of both it, and your years in High Point. You are amazing, my child.

  2. Found you through Kelly's Korner. That house is gorgeous! We're still in our first home and slowly making it ours.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Megan! And good luck with your house, it can be so much fun!

  3. The house is beautiful! So excited for the next phase in your life. Who knows, maybe we will be neighbors soo ;)

    1. Thanks, Sabreena! The new owner is getting one heck of a good deal! And I would be over the moon if we could be neighbors!! Playdates every week!

  4. Love love loooooove your brick patio!


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