Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Well, hello there...

Shopping with Isla June has always been an......experience.  Especially right around the time she turned 1.
I used to be able to put her in the cart seat and have her stay put.  But now, she stands up, crawls out and has even thrown herself out of the cart (she survived).  So, for her safety, I have attempted to hold her or put her in a sling while we are shopping- but this is something she hates.
It's almost like she doesn't understand why I am allowed to touch everything and she isn't.  I've tried to politely explain to her that when she is ready to pay bills and have a mortgage that she too can touch all the pretty things, but until then, it's a no.
And, go figure, she doesn't understand this.

So, the other day, when we headed over to Old Navy, we were going through this scenario yet again.  I needed to shop relatively quickly (we were looking for a Halloween outfit for her and some Garnet wear for mommy).
The only thing that would keep her in one place???....

The mannequin's.  
 She would tell them "hi!" and wave.  But, mostly stared in awe.
I think the headless ones were confusing for her.

The puppy was her favorite. 
 "Dogh Dogh!".  And pat it. 
Everyone was quite entertained by this.  And we probably stood there for about 10 minutes (obviously enough time for me to get out the camera and take pictures) until I had to drag her away kicking and screaming so we could actually get some shopping done.
And after checkout- hugs for her new "friends".
I guess we'll have to visit them again soon... mommy has a coupon anyway.

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