Thursday, November 24, 2011

you are my sunshine.

Isla June,
There are so many reasons I am forever thankful that you chose me to be your mom.  I love you to the moon and back, and pray everyday that you will grow with love, peace and joy in your heart and that you will be a light to others in this world. 
And even though I could name 100 reasons I am grateful for you, here's the top 10.

1. you changed my life.  In a good way.  I've never been so confident and assured in who I am and why I am here.  It's to be your mom.  Everything that happened before was purposeful in leading up to you.  And everything now is about you.  You are my world, and you've brought me such peace in my life.  It started when you were in my tummy; you just gave me a sense of calm.  and I can't thank you enough for that.

2. You've deepened my faith.  My walk with God has been a complicated one.  He has been there throughout my life, but I was always wondering and questioning my role in the relationship.  But, you've made it all so much more clear to me.  God loves me in the same way I love you- it's boundless, endless, and merciful.  I am so grateful to have this relationship with Him. 
And I hope to help you find your own path with Him, because it's amazing.

3. You make me want more for myself.  I take my job as your mother, and role model very seriously.  I want to be someone that you can be proud of.  You drive me everyday to be the best of myself and seek new goals and strive beyond my own expectations.  I hope one day you will be proud of me (I realize that this will be after your teenage years).

4. You've shown me that I can do anything.  40 hours of all natural labor will do that to you I guess.

5. You're fearless.  Amazingly and terrifyingly fearless.  About the only thing that scares you is Santa Claus (and that's surely a phase).  You keep me on my toes, and remind me to be a little more adventurous myself.  We have so much fun.

6. You make me love your daddy even more.  If that was possible.  I know how important it is for you to have both of us in your life.  And you remind us that everyday that we are all together, it is the most perfect day.  I relish in those days as well.

7. You bring so much joy to those around you.  Not just me and daddy.  But your Mimi,  your Jeje, your Boppa and your Gramma Lee (just to name a few who have fawned over you in the last week).  And on top of that, you spread your love to everyone you meet throughout the day.  All of our neighbors stop to talk to you, you've won the heart of your storytime librarian with your crazy antics, and perfect strangers walk up to you just to say hello.  I've watched you touch the lives of so many people and help brighten their days.  I pray that this joy will remain in your heart and you will forever impact the world.

8. You look just like us.  and it's crazy.  and wonderful.  You are us.  But, you are you as well.  It's the most amazing thing to see.

9.  You've reset my priorities.  Life is not about things.  It's about family.  And you are my most amazing family.  I would do anything for you.

10. Have I mentioned that you make me laugh?  Like no one else can.  Pure happiness.

I love you sweet girl.  Thank you for blessing my life.
I am forever thankful for you.


  1. what beautiful sentiments, you were my sunshine too, made me laugh, love more, and remember how to see through the eyes of a you and yours

  2. our Isla's seem more and more similar... we have that sweater... a gift from my husband's aunt.



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