Friday, December 9, 2011

I have to confess

1. I haven't been the best blogger this week (sorry for that).  Being out of town for the past 2 weekends really deflated my sails.  And wouldn't you think with all this travel that I would have pictures of our adventures.  But, sadly, no.  I guess I take better pics of my daughter than my life. (although I guess you could argue that my daughter is my life.)

2. Isla June signed I love you to Jeremy at dinner last night.  My heart overflows.

3. ok, what's up with all the crazy's on Pinterest?  It's supposed to be my happy place, but honestly, I've been avoiding it this week.  It seems I always run into the atheists and bulimics.  It's a happy place people! Not somewhere to rant.  Let's get back to what pinterest is supposed to be- a way to distract me from my day whilst making me feel accomplished by "pinning" wonderful crafts that I swear I will complete but secretly know will just sit on my boards to haunt me. 

4. I just can't get on the Tebow train.  My husband seems to have a new Tebow fact everyday, and I think he's secretly becoming a convert.  Yes, I think Tim is a hard working, faithful man.  And I am extremely grateful that he brought the word of God to millions.  But, he's a gator.  We can never be friends.

5. Remember my dress I talked about last week?  And I thought it was pretty, and I might look nice at the wedding?  Well, fail.  I was extremely underdressed.  Uncomfortably so.  I blame the beach living. We don't wear real shoes or coats here. (I promise I won't start wearing tropical shirts.)

I knew it was a black tie event, and I had a long dress picked out and waiting at the register, but then I came across the shorter dress.  And I guess, it just made me feel pretty.  And I liked that.  So I went with it.  And I figured that red carpets were starting to have shorter dresses show up, so I thought I could pull it off. 
But, alas, this wedding was epic.  And I was not.  Oh well. (the bride did look exquisite, though). 

6. On that note, I should include a photo of Jeremy and I dressed up for another black tie event to show that we do know what we are doing most of the time.  I mean, we're not complete rednecks.

7.  Isla June had a cold yesterday (yucky runny nose and cough).  Today, it's gone.  Here's a little hint on how we did that.  Also include vitamins and probiotics, plus some essential oils mixed in.  Seriously, this stuff works.

8. As of December 6th, I'm done with my Christmas shopping.

9. As of December 9th, I still haven't ordered our Christmas cards.  shoot.  Maybe they'll be New Year's cards.

*maybe I shouldn't call this a confessional as it is more of a "random things I need to talk about" kind of thing


  1. Hi, I'm stopping by from Confession Fridays!

    Your dress is sooooooooo pretty! Way bummer you felt underdressed but you looked lovely!!!

    Your lil girl is precious!!!

    I dont have a pinterst account, but I'm with you...haters and whiners need to STOP!!!

    Have a great friday xoxo!

  2. im stopping by from confessional fridays... i hate it when i dont feel im dressed appropriate! honestly, most showers and weddings have really become a lot more casual, so i would have thought the dress was good!

    about your comment about tebow... you must be a georgia fan? i havent listened to his interviews or anything but havent been a fan of him because he played for florida.. but since he doesnt play there now, i guess i can give him a chance. he does seem to be a good man with very strong character!!

    i havent ordered our christmas cards yet either... hopefully this weekend i can get it handled!!

  3. Not just funny.......hilarious! Especially the underwear as necklaces picture. You make my day!

  4. What a precious girl! Love that bra, haha.

    I know what you mean about Pinterest. I feel like it's about 50% nail polish, 50% Bible.


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