Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Christmas

We started the day bright and early, 6:30! Not because we had an anxious-to-see-what-Santa-brought toddler, but because there are 9 people and 6 dogs in my sister's 3 bedroom house. It's family love here because, well, that's our only choice since we're living on top of each other for the holidays!

The day started with Christmas breakfast cooked by my sister and thoroughly enjoyed by Isla June.

Isla June and I enjoying our Christmas Eve tradition pajamas

As awestruck and engaged as Isla June was last year, we had more of a reluctant toddler this year.  She thoroughly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the day, but present opening just wasn't her "thing"

my 2 absolutely favorite people.  Jer flew in on the 23rd to spend a few days with the family in Pensacola (did I mention that we are in Pensacola?? whoops.)

My sister, Lizzie, has been a wonderful hostess to all of us.  I know having a houseful can be stressful, but she's handled our invasion so well.

The ladies of the family on Christmas morning

Isla June has really been loving her Uncle James (my sister's fiance).  I think it's his surprisingly tall stature.  It's a bit of an anomaly to her, causing her affinity for him.

It was a day filled with love, family and friends as later that night more came over to enjoy my step father, Kenny's cooking.  He makes the most wonderful feast centered around his classic Tai Turkey.  As well as maskhd potatoes, stuffing, spinach casserole (as requested by my sister), and sweet potato casserole(as requested by me).  It was perfect (and seconds were had, don't judge)

our adopted as our little sister, Leighton, home from the big city

A perfect 2nd Christmas for my sweet one

Isla June Christmas 2011.m4v from Meagan Jenks on Vimeo.

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