Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now this is Christmas

Every year around Christmas my family and I would go to St. Anne's to see the Christmas lights.  It was a church with large areas of land around it (I've since learned that it's gone), and every year they would cover their beautiful trees and buildings with lights.  I don't remember specifics, but I remember going, as a family almost every year.  It was one of our holiday traditions.
I was really hoping to find something like this for my family to help start our Holiday Memories.  There's just something about seeing miles and miles of lights that makes me feel like it's Christmas.
So, when friends of ours said that they were heading out to Brookgreen Gardens Night of a Thousand Candles, I knew we would have to check it out.
And, oh my, I am so glad that we did.

It was starting to get a little chilly here, so we bundled up (as best we could seeing as we've had pretty wonderful weather around here lately).  It was about 20-30 minutes away, but we arrived just in time.

at dusk, all of the volunteers began lighting over 1000 candles.
It was absolutely beautiful.

and it wasn't too busy yet, so we were able to really enjoy ourselves and even pose for a few family pictures.

They had these too cute retro looking strollers that we could use
 (because we are yet to buy an "outing" stroller.  Seriously, what's wrong with us???)

The "snow" caught us a little off guard and we all seemed to get swept up by the flurries!

Isla June loved it.  She mostly loved the water ponds and we spent most of the night trying to keep her out of them.  Not that I think she would have jumped in, but she was close enough to tumble.

The light displays were beautiful.  There are tons of sculptures in the park, and the lights were used to highlight them.  It was breathtaking.

One of my favorite displays were the lights hanging from the large oak trees. 
It was simple but so wonderful

This will definitely be part of our annual holiday traditions from now on. 
 Even Jeremy agreed that we have to come back next year.

It was such a good night with family and friends.
We're loving South Carolina.

* thanks for all the wonderful pictures, Lana!


  1. IJJ looks so precious in her white winter outfit! Love these pics. Glad you guys found a great tradition to start. Miss you!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I hope you are enjoying the season with sweeet baby B. Miss you too!


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