Thursday, January 12, 2012

18 months!

I really cannot believe we're at the year and a half mark.  I feel like summer just left us (maybe because we live at the beach and it really just did).  Isla June is learning and growing so much, I almost can't keep up.  She is still really into books and reading time.  But now, we've grown a love of "mooooo"s also known as movies (sigh).  Books or moos, that's always her requests.  Swinging and sliding are now equally loved at the park, and digging in the sand has now become better than swimming in the ocean (I think she's finally realized it's too cold).

I've just got this little person on my hands now.  She knows everything I am saying to the point that I have to spell things out to Jeremy that I don't want her to know about and oh man is our go to word for everything frustrating because, well, we don't want to be those parents. 

But, along with all this understanding comes helping!  Oh, glory!  I've got a little helper (well, sometimes).  She cleans up!  She goes and gets things I ask her to!  She washes her hands!  She (sometimes) stops when I ask her!  Oh, this is wonderful.  And I hope (and pray) that it continues.
On the other hand, she's got quite a temper.  We've learned the word "no", despite my best efforts.  And when she doesn't get her way, watch out.  Everything and everyone will be told No! with a smack of her hands.  sigh.  I really hope that this stage is over soon.  I try to remind her that she has love in her heart, but the Gemini just takes over.  We're working on it, really we are.

Sometimes she's the little model of me.  Pretending to do what I do and talk the way I talk.  So funny.  But, she's also taken to yelling at the dogs.  Like if I fuss at one of them about something, she'll run up behind me and start wagging her finger at them and yelling too.  Seeing myself through the mirror of my child.....well, I fuss less at the dogs now! ha.

Isla June reads 36 words.  And she loves it.   Definitely one of her favorite games that I am afraid has become her party trick.  Whenever we have company over she hollers "tards! tards!" (cards) and wants to show them how she reads.

New signs lately (and yes, we are still loooooooving sign language around here) horse, elephant, giraffe, bird, bath, book, water, sorry, want, orange, sleep and we did get Merry Christmas a couple of times and have seen I love you once.
pointing at the moon

Lots and lots of new words she says more, eat, thank you,bird, more, bath, water and please when she signs.  And I am a complete sucker when she say "peees?".  Yeah, she can have anything with that wonderful word and her so sweet voice.  I'm not even sure I can remember all the words she says right now.  Over Christmas she did learn to say "tanta" (santa) and even recognized him.  She's really into opposites: open/close, push/pull, up/down, hot/cold and says them together all the time (within context.)  I'd would say she has about 75-100 words in her vocabulary.
Isla June is also loving "quiz" games like show me your___

Along those lines, I've taught her to respond to the question, "what's your name?" and she replies, "Iya".  And if I say, what's my name? she'll say mommy and even do daddy.  No one else has been around, so we'll see if she'll do others names.

She loves puzzles and is so good at them.   Her Nana got her an ABC puzzle for Christmas and she has already mastered putting 16 letters in by herself.  She know the letter B and I.  If you start to sing the alphabet and say A, she'll say B and C.
She counts to 3, but not all the time.  Sometimes she recognizes the number 1.  This is mostly when we are in the elevator and  I think sometimes she gets tripped up because she just wants to push ALL the numbers.

She has started in with animal sounds (I think largely in part due to a farm animal puzzle received from Elizabeth!)  Moo, ruff ruff, baa baa. 

Favorite animal: cat
Favorite color: yellow (although she knows orange as well)
Favorite shapes: star and heart (she'll point to them for you)
Favorite food: greens beans (Papa Kenny's way), rice, salmon, and mandarin oranges
Favorite number: 6
Favorite letter: B
Favorite toy: buckles
And, she's HUGE!  Wears 18-24 months clothing and 2T pants.  Crazy.  She's never fit into her "size" this early.  Growing like a weed I tell ya.
Whew!  We've been busy.  And to be honest, I'm not even sure if we're hitting our "milestones", I'm just following her lead.  Seeing where her interests take her and just guiding and loving along the way.


  1. Love, love, love this post. Almost makes me feel like I'm there. Does she still say Mimi??

  2. Of course she says Mimi. And Izzie, and Jeje and Nana and Robbeee. Lots and lots of family names.

  3. this video is so wonderful, felt like I was there...what a you


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