Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moments in Parenthood

Isla June whilst eating lunch: Mommy, Ahhhh Duh. Bye, Bye Hummy

Me: You're all done. Ok, bye bye, hummy. (I put the hummus away)

Isla June: Hummy?

Me: do you want more? or are you all done?

Isla June: No.

Me: are you all done?

Isla June: Hummy??

Me: do you want more Hummy?

Isla June: No.

Me: ok, you're all done

Isla June: No.

Me: Well, what do you want?

Isla June: hummy?  bye, bye hummy.

Me: ok, I'll go get you some more hummy.

Isla June: No.

Me: are you just saying no because you like that word??

Isla June: Hummy???


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