Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Isla June things

She's really turned into such a ham lately, I don't want to forget a second of it.

10.  While at the park on Wednesday, Isla June walked over to an older girl while she was climbing down the fireman's pole,  poked her in the back and told her, in a rather stern voice, "No!".  After realizing her intentions, I had to explain to my sweet daughter that this girl was a "big girl" and allowed to jump off the edge of the jungle gym.  And then Isla June attempted to do the same.

You're not a big girl yet, little one!

9.  She's really been into feeding her babydoll with her sippy cup this week.  Where does she learn this stuff?
8.  She's also really gotten into the slide.  Torpedoing herself down at such a fast pace she'll bounce of the end and land on her back on the ground. nuts.

7.  Right now she's really into looking for the moon and pointing it out to me.  Like stopping dead in her tracks to let me know that the moon is out.

6.  She's also taken to partying in her crib for up to 2 hours before she will fall asleep for naps or bedtime.  It's kind of driving me crazy. 

5.  Counting is of high interest right now.  She says 1, 2, 3 and if you keep going, she'll chime in with 8.
carrying as many things as she can to the car has become her new game as well.
4.  She's really into walking the dogs and insists on holding their leashes when we take them out.  Telling them "no" and "sit" in her sternest voice.  Unfortunately for her, they just kind of look at her unamused.

3.  While reading a book before bed, Isla June identified 9 letters for Jeremy from her book, "A B C, Look at Me".  She's really into letters right now, too.

2.  Jeremy was out of town for a night last week, and upon his arrival home she ran up to him squealed and demanded, "tiss, tiss, tiss!".  He was in heaven.

1.  When we all sit down to dinner together, Isla June holds her arms out to us and says, "hands", letting us know it's time to say grace.  Then, in the middle of prayers, she'll pull her hands away and announce "amen!". 
At least we are on the right track.

My little hambones.


  1. I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!! Full of personality, and love, and SO funny! Just like her MAMA!!!

    1. Yes, she is a little bit of my karma. Lots of personality on this one!

  2. what a wonderful child, she is so bright and just look into those eyes, what a terrific time she is having...and a little like her dare devil daddy

    1. we are having so much fun together; such a wonderful time in both of our lives.


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