Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Jenks' Things

10.  We're currently in Chapel Hill visiting Isla June's Mimi and Papa Kenny. And we were in Charleston all day Monday (I hope to share info on that soon!). Hence the lack of posts this week.  Sorry about that.  Must improve.

9. Mimi is Isla June's best friend.  seriously.  and she already knows how to work over her grandmother.

8.  Mimi taught Isla June to count shampoo bottles during bathtime.  She gets up to three and then needs help, but if you count to 4 she'll say 5 and if you count to 5 she'll say 6.  It's quite amusing to walk in and she has all the bottles lined up along the tub.

7.  As much as I love being out of town, I miss our routine.  Going to the gym, going to the beach.  And, I'm calculating all of the laundry that will need to be done when we get back.  crazy?  possibly.

6.  Mimi also taught Isla June about a matching game, like where you look at two cards and see if they match and if they don't you turn them back over.  And now we can match the pictures on her own.  She loves it.

5.  We had some new friends over the other day and after hearing that Isla June didn't have a "real" baby doll, they brought her one that needed "adopting".  She's just in love.  Little girls really do need baby dolls, it's just how they're made I guess.

4.  We're really working with Isla June on her manners.  So now, whenever you hand her something, she'll say thank you to whatever you gave her.  Ex. "Thank you, juice!"  "Thank you, lovie!" "Thank you nnnack!"

3.   Jeremy just decided he would run the Myrtle Beach marathon.  It's in two weeks.

2.  Isla June's been pretty obsessed with Elmo lately.  And we've never even watched him on T.V., but she always requests him (she has one Elmo book, I guess that's where she got it).  What is it about that red, fluffy guy?

1.  I've been feeling full of gratitude this week.  Being given the opportunity to visit my family for 5 whole days in the middle of the week...well, it means that I have flexibility in my life.  And I am forever grateful for that.  Gotta give a shout out to the hubs.  He works hard.

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