Friday, February 17, 2012

10 Jenks' Things

10.  Now that we love Elmo around here, Isla June has begun requesting him on my ipad.  Her favorite video:

So now, she will ask for a "Tiss", and then lean her head to the right side and say, "Oh Elmo."  Yes, it's as cute as it sounds.

9. Last week, while in Chapel Hill with my family, I cooked every meal.  Breakfast, lunch AND Dinner.  If you know my family, this is quite a shock.  Kenny's the cook, and normally I'm the one being taken care of when I go over there.  My how things have changed.

8.  I've been talking with Isla June about being a "nice" friend quite a bit lately.  We're working on sharing.  So, the other day, when she refused to "share" my Ipad, I told her that it was no longer available and she needed to walk away and maybe we could try again when she was ready to be nice.  And then I turned around. 
Well, not 1 minute later, that little stinker ran up behind me, hurled 2 small stuffed animals at me and screamed "NICE!" at the tops of her lungs. 
I had a hard time not laughing. 

7.  Is it crazy for me to say that I love shopping at Costco because my full pantry helps me to feel prepared for a disaster/the Apocalypse?

6. This is where doll baby gets to sleep at night.
poor babydoll

5. Jer is still undecided on whether or not he will run the Marathon.  It's tomorrow.

4.  We finally broke down and purchased an everyday/outing stroller!  19 months later, we're putting it to good use.  Although Isla June does not like to ride in it.  She would rather push it herself.
walking the streets of downtown Charleston.

3. After 3 straight months in the gym, I'm still not back into my post breastfeeding pants.  So, I've kindof accepted that I am not going to be a 0/2 anymore.  Now I'm a 4.
I think I read somewhere that Gisele is a 4.  So, Gisele and I can share pants now.  That makes me feel better.

2.  Jer: How was your day, what did you two do?
     Me: Well, we went to the gym, went to the store, went to the park.  We were busy bees!

1. Beautiful flowers from one of my favorite Valentine's.  Thanks Pops.


  1. LAUGHED OUT LOUD BIG BELLY LAUGH AT #'S 6 AND 8. Kenny said "nice" and hurling animals was baby talk for.....well, you know, "oh dear, YOU."

    1. Yes, she's quite the humorous lady. I've got my hands full (in a perfect way).


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