Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last week, while we were at my mother's house (Mimi), Isla June found a long discarded object.  I'm not really sure where it came from, maybe it rolled out of the diaper caddy.  But, inquisitively, she looked it over, and then pop into her mouth.  She knew exactly what to do with it.

Well, kind of.  She chose to hold it in her mouth by biting on it. 
this is her new picture tacking stance.  Let's call it "the squat"

And I knew I would have to get a picture of this.  You see, she hasn't used one of these things in over 14 months.  I'm kind of shocked she had any idea as to what it was.

and I know children her age use them all the time, but seeing my little one with it in her mouth was just so.....strange.  It almost didn't look like her. 
Hey kitcat, do you want the paci?

Too slow!  It's mine.

have I mentioned that she loooooooves cats.

And then, like that, she was done.  I had a quick flash in my mind of, oh no, is she going to start wanting this thing???!!! But, after about 2 minutes of it, done.  And didn't care about it again. 
Can I say that I am glad for that?

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