Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This and That

More than anything, I'm so glad that I started this blog.
What began as a way to keep my family informed of my pregnancy (instead of making 20 something phone calls after every doctors appointment), has kindof morphed into this journal of Isla June's life and an outlet for me.  And then, on top of all of that, it's become a resource of sorts for others.  I couldn't dream of more.  And I really don't want to because I am having trouble finding time to keep it going as it is! 
I've been enjoying our days together, really living in the moment and trying my best to hold on to every second.  We had two, yes, count them, two! playdates last week.  So much fun and so enjoyable for me.  Having other moms around me to offer advice and support is such a blessing.  And having time for Isla June to work on her manners is always needed (sharing does not come so easily). 
Jer was out of town this weekend, and we were going to make it a family vaca and coincide his trip with a visit to NY, but then we realized that his convention was in the middle of nowhere New Jersey.  So, little lady and I stayed home. 
And she is teething. 
For us, teething doesn't mean crying.  There is fussing, yes.  And it seems that the only things that makes the fussing go away when she is teething is watching "mmmmoooo's" (sigh). 
Teething also means waking up at 4 am and playing in our crib.  Or staying up throughout the entire 3 hour period of nap time. 
My poor sweet lady. 
I'm glad she isn't crying, but fighing through the pain by remaining in constant motion is starting to wear on the both of us.
So, that's where I've been. 

But, back to the blog.  I'm not much of a scrapbooker.  I tried once and it looked like a middle schooler attempting to document her school dance.  terrible.  And Isla June's baby book is not in much better shape.  I have goals to work on it, but truly, it won't be something she can look at in awe.  It's mostly just going to be little snippets and dates.  Nothing spectacular.  And the only reason I know any of those dates is because of this blog.  New teeth are reported in monthly updates.  Crawling and walking and even first kicks in my tummy were first recorded here before being transcribed.  For those reasons alone, I am forever grateful to have this little snippet of the internet.

The other week, one of my most dearest friends from college told me that my ramblings here have helped her as she began a more natural, organic diet.  She wants her body to be healthier and she's starting in the right place, with good for you food.  This is someone that I care very much about, and hearing that she is taking better care of herself with a little bit of inspiration from this blog, well, I couldn't wish for more.  I am grateful.

This blog has also helped me to reconnect with friends from high school.  Women who are truly motivating and inspiring.  Really, if it weren't for our mutual understanding and appreciation for what it means to spend time writing your thoughts down for the whole world to read (or the frinernets as Cassie likes to call them) and how that can be quite overwhelming and humbling, I may have stopped writing long ago.  Their support (especially in the early days) has been fullfilling.  I am grateful.

Whevener soemone reaches out and says, "hey, I read the blog and I really appreciate the tips, or seeing pictures of the family, or reading your writing, or your recomendation on a product", I am so humbled and appreciative.  As this blog had grown and morphed into something that I share with others (because at first I didn't tell anyone about it.  for like 6 months!), I am shocked and so pleased to hear that it is something that helps others.  I don't have a ton of gifts (I am not a crafter, or a sewer or the best singer or a novelist or the best dancer.  really, there is no extreme talent hidden here), but if I can share our life in a way that can support other's, well, that's a gift in itself.  I am grateful.

And I guess the elephant in the room (for almost a month now), is the change in the blog name.
I want this to be something I am proud of.  Something that reflects my purpose.  Something that tells a little bit of who I am.  Green Motherhood is not the end all be all of our life.  But, it's the starting place.  Where we first go when making decisions.  That's what we try to do, and that's what I want to share with others. 
Thank you so much for reading along.  I am so grateful.

(P.S. Soon, my blog address will be www.thegreenmother.com)

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Pslam 32:8


  1. I love this post and have been composing something similar in my head for weeks!!! It's totally a journal that hopefully our babies will cherish one day. Helping others? BONUS! You are inspirational to all of us!! xo

    1. Oh Amy, thank you!! Isn't it funny how we walk around with blog posts in our head? You, a mother, wife, super crafter, amazing cook mother of TWO are an inspiration! I'm so glad we get to share our little lives with one another. :)


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