Friday, March 23, 2012

bits and pieces

- Bath time with Daddy is always fun. 
Although, we've been talking about it being a more relaxing than fun time lately.  We're really trying to help Isla June get settled down in order to fall asleep at a decent hour.

- Last week, Beaugart's one good eye was getting a little goopy and he had rubbed it so much on the rug that it had started to bleed a little (sad, I know).  We went to the vet and apparently he suffered from a very similar eye condition that I battled last year at this time.  A few days of antibiotic drops and he's good as new.  It was a little scary to think of something happening to his only eye, but I tried not to go there.  My little guy is still going strong. (and he celebrated his 9th birthday this month!)

-  The other day when I picked up Isla June from the child watch at the Y, one of the teacher's told me that she spent most of her time outside on the playground. 
 I responded, "Oh, fun!  She loves the playground!"
And the childcare worker promptly announced, "Yeah she does, scared me to death out there.  She's not really afraid of anything."
No, I guess she's not.

- naps.  oh.....naps.  Where did you go??

- This.  Just this.

note those are blueberries under her fingernails, not dirt.

- While at the store this week, Isla June finally discovered the car cart.  You know, the shopping cart with a child sized car attached to the front. 
So far I had been able to avoid this fate by sidestepping around it in the store. 
Now, it's over.  And I was embarrassed by it. 
I mean, that thing is awful.  It screams, "MOTHER OF A TODDLER WHO WON'T SIT APPROPRIATELY IN A NORMAL CART!"
And, I ran into 2 different displays with it.  But, it is my new fate.
Tell me how to say no to that face.

I think she liked it.

-  We've had the most beautiful weather.  And we are blessed to live within eyesight of the beach.  So we spent the afternoon with some friends digging in the sand and gazing at the water.

We'll proably be back tomorrow.
Happy weekend, friends!

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