Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Jenks' Things

10. Uncle Robbie came up and visited us from college.  Isla June was very excited to have him, and insisted that they color together.  Later that night you could hear her saying, "Robbeeeeeeee" from her crib.  Too cute.

9. After hearing about her new obsession with Elmo, Aunt Julie (Jer's sister) sent Isla June her cousin Annalise's baby Elmo who was in need of adoption.  He is very much loved around here.  Isla June is even trying to potty train him.

8. Jeremy did actually run the Myrtle Beach marathon.  Well, kind of.  He ran to the starting line, ran alongside one of his former coworkers to help pace her, and then he ran home.  All in all it was about 22 miles. 
Yes, my husband is a little crazy.

7.  Isla June is really into building towers still. I came out of my room to this giant tower that was over her head, ran to get the camera, and right when I took a picture....

crash.  oh well.

6.  We have had the most incredible weather around here lately.  Unfortunately, Isla June's erratic napping has made it very difficult to get out in the afternoons to enjoy this.  sigh.

5.  Mimi's coming in town today!  Yay!

4.  Bedtime reading with daddy, before mommy combed her hair...

3.  She's getting so good at counting and numbers lately.  One of our favorite counting videos

2.  We've had such a great week around here.  I think I'm really starting to get the hang of this whole running a family household thing.

1.  Maybe she should be an interior decorator. 
Form and function.
Lovie, RahRah and Baby

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