Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby and Mama Style

Another week gone by, and I did my absolute best to document it. 
It's been a tough one, Isla June is, I'm almost positive, I mean, for sure it is happening as we speak, teething.  And normally, it doesn't effect us like this.  And I say us because, yes, it effects me too.  I guess this set really hurts.

And then, throw in the time change (damn you, spring forward), and I've got a little girl who is staying up till 9 o'clock at night.  And then still waking up at 6:45 am.  And then boycotting naps. 
Yeah, I've been freaking out. 
And, silly me.  I know what to do.  But, for some reason, forgot.  So, I went to the store yesterday and picked up our favorite teething remedies, and then she napped.  Finally.  I've had requests to do a teething post, and now that we're going through it in full force, I've got even more incentive to put one together, if only for the mere reason that I need to remind myself!

Ok, but this post is about happier things.  Like clothes!  And my sweet dear ones smile. 

Hat, Onesie, shoes- Old Navy

Dress: Old Navy (hand me down)
Sweater: Old Navy (hand me down)
Leggings: Costco
Shoes: Oshkosh (gift)

We're really working on wearing "bow"s.  She will keep them in her hair sometimes.

Shirt and Jeans: Old Navy (gift)

Dress/Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren (gift)
Pants: Koala (gift)
Shoes: Target

She's been insisting on putting her own shoes on.  And she can do it.  Takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. but, she's very proud of herself. 
Note, her shoe is off because mommy put it on her, and she didn't like that.

On Me- Pants and tank: Forever21
Shirt: Old Navy -thrifted
Belt: Franchesca's
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Old Navy
necklace: Silpada (gift)
Purse: LV (bday gift)

Isla June- Pants: baby Boden
Shoes: Old Navy
Dress: Old Navy (gift)
Jacket: Columbia (gift)

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