Monday, March 12, 2012

Big and Small Style

When I was organizing Isla June's closet the other day, a lot of items were going into storage.  Mostly summer and 12 months stuff, and I started to tear up (like most mothers do, I'm sure). 
As I was packing these adorable outifts away, I realized that I have no picure record of so many of these sweet clothes. 
And well, I can't go back in time, but I can be better from here on out.  So, lots more pictures of Isla June will be comin up!  And I'm not saying that she has omg the cutes clothes, but they are special to us, especially because so many of them have been passed down to her from cousins.

May I present Baby Style....
Cardigan and Shirt- Old Navy, cousin hand me down
Jeans- BabyGap
Shoes- the squeaker kind (gift)

Monogrammed Purse- gift

Dress- Children's place, Hand Me Down
Jeans- Gap Kids
Shoes- Old Navy

Amber Teething Necklace
Phone- LeapFrog, Gift

Shirt- Old Navy
Jeans- GapKids
Sweater- HandMeDown

Shoes- Old Navy

Dress and Capri's- HandMeDown
Shoes- Gift (the squeaker ones)

And, just for fun, here's a little Mama Style, too.  In no way shape or form and I saying that I have style or a wardrobe that is to be envied, but, this is how a mom dresses.  And something I want to remember.  This is me and Isla June, when I am 29 and she is 20 months.  That's something I know I will want to look back on.
Me: Jeans and Shirt- Forever 21
Coat- Banana Republic, consigned
Boots- Consigned
Purse- LV bday gift

Isla June: Pants and Shirt- Old Navy
Shoes- Old Navy
Coat: Oshkosh (gift)

So, here's to being better at documenting our life. 
These are definitely the years I will want to look back on and smile.

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