Monday, March 26, 2012

Big and small style

Have you had some of this beautiful weather?  Man, I sure hope so.  It's the kind that you want to bottle up and save.  I've been thiiiiiiiiis close to forgoing naps this week (because she hates them anyways) just so we could spend more time outside.  It's just that great.

Dress: Children's Place (handmedown)
Leggings: costco
Shoes: the squeaker kind (gift)

We've been having so much fun together.  And if you disregard the two epic meltdown tantrums that have occurred, it's been a pretty awesome week.  More beach days and park trips, special lunch dates together and even visits to daddy's office. 
I wouldn't give this time up for the world.

Dress: Oshkosh (gift)
Leggings: thrifted

We were on our way to church here, early even.  Isla June was a little grumpy as she didn't get enough sleep the night before, nor did she eat much breakfast (oh, toddler, why do you frustrate me so?). 
When we arrived at church, we discovered that Isla June had dumped almost the entire contents of her sippy cup onto herself.  She was soaked.  So, without even stepping foot inside the building, we promptly turned around and headed back home.

Me: Jeans- Forever21
Shoes: I want to say Target?  Don't really remember.
Shirt: Ann Taylor, thrifted
Necklace: Forver21
Bracelet: Franchessca's (gift)
Earrings: American Eagle

I'm realizing that these posts are kind of documenting how *ahem* frugal I am.  What can I say?  Bargains make me smile.

Isla June: Pillowcase dress: handmade gift
Leggings: Costco
Sandals: the squeaker kind (gift)
And that is one of her new bows we just ordered from an Etsy seller (love them!)


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