Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My litte Fish

Not including that crazy, brief episode, Isla June has always loved water.  She is really such a little fish.  Or a Mermaid.  But not in the inappropriately sexy seashell wearing, long hair brushing, need the man to notice me so I will give up my special gift for him, kind of mermaid. 
Just the girl who could stay in the water all day so much that she could actually be mistaken as a fish kind of mermaid.

Anywho, we try to make it up to the Y and swim at least once a week.
And daddy meets us there after work.  They both love it.

And she seriously doesn't understand why she can't go into the deep end.  Like, why does her body not just float when she tries it.

But, we try and find toys to keep the shallow end interesting.  I've got to keep her challenged.

This is her reaction to daddy attempting to teach her to blow bubbles.

Considering that her dad, mother, aunts and uncles were all swimmers I would say, yeah, she's probably, most likely, hopefully she has a choice in the matter and says yes, will be a swimmer as well.

Here is the bubble blowing lesson in action.  Instead she just swallows the water.

They have so much fun together.


  1. I just love the pictures, what a wonderful kiddo

  2. And remember her Mimi was a Lifeguard and a Water Safety Instructor! It goes back another generation!


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