Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Special Portrait

For Isla June's first birthday, my mother (IJJ's Mimi), had a local artist by the name of Kim Werfel prepare a portrait painting to celebrate the milestone.  She designed it based on one of our favorite photos.

Isla June- 8 months old.  Our first visit to Myrtle Beach.

And after it sitting in our closet for the past 9 months, I finally had it framed. 

I just love it.  And it's not actually hung up yet as our walls are concrete, and we hopefully won't be living here too much longer.  I can not wait to find just the right place for it in our new house.

oh, do I miss that sweet, sweet little face.  8 months old was probably my most favorite age.

On a side note, I went to a local frame shop and they quoted me $65.00 for a mat and frame.  Micheal's quoted me $195.00.  And that was with a 50% off sale.  So, if you've got any framing to do, local definitely seems to be a better choice.


  1. I forgot how beautiful the painting was, what a the frame

    1. I had, too! I love that it captures such a perfect moment.

  2. Wow this painting is just stunning. Your little girl is so beautiful! Isla has always been a name that i have loved.


  3. Glad you framed her...she looks beautiful.

    (Marilyn sent me a link to see her framed)

    To see more of my work (I'm the "local artist")
    Just check out

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you for stopping by! We absolutely love the piece and are so grateful for your work. I've added your info to the post so others can find you!


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