Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby and Mama style

Have you ever had one of those most wonderful weekends that you're sad to see it go?  Every weekend ending is hard because it means that we have to wait 6 more days for daddy to get to play with us again.  But, this weekend was extra special because Mimi was down for a visit. 
We had lots of outside time in the beautiful weather playing in the sand table, a sewing lesson for momma(!), poolside social hour, and some fun shopping adventures.

This picture makes me looks like it was taken by the paparazzo.  That husband.

Mimi and I picked up some fabric to begin to sew a little dress for Isla June, but got stuck at threading the bobbin (that.damn.bobbin).  We ran out of time (and patience), but hopefully after a few youtube tutorials, I'll have it down.  Sewing lesson #2 will have to wait for the next visit.
Dress: Gymboree, consignment find // Tights: Gymboree, gift //
Shoes: the squeaker kind, gift // Bow: The Smocked Swap on FB

Pants: Target // Top: Consignment find // Sweater: F21 // Shoes: Target

Our Sunday night came to a close with the three of us at the beach running in the waves, building sand castles and having an all out good time.  Then, it was bedtime stories from cousins via Skype.
We couldn't be more blessed.


  1. Love you pants! I'm really hoping to find a pair of bright maternity jeggings soon :)

    1. Thanks! I bet Target will come out with maternity colored jeans soon, shocked if they haven't done it yet!

  2. Your daughter's dress is adorable! Loving your trousers too :)


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