Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Isla June's 2nd Easter

I was so excited for this Easter.  This was the first time that I knew Isla June would "get it" (although it will take a little while to fully explain the real Easter story).  I merrily skipped around the night before anticipating the arrival of the Easter Bunny, making sure that her basket was ready to go and eggs were ready to be hidden.  Jeremy fell asleep before the bunny arrived, so I was left to hide eggs alone. 
 It was still fun for me!
Isla June's Easter Basket 2012
Book: If Jesus Lied Inside My Heart
Headbands she helped pick out
New RL Jumper
Play Floam (I liked that it said non-toxic and it's not made in China)
ABC Sesame Street Cards
 Easter Stickers

I realized when I was ready to hide the eggs (we had the plastic kind that opens up), that I didn't have anything to put inside of them.  And empty Easter eggs are sad Easter eggs.  But then, I had the idea of putting her alphabet letters from her puzzle in them. 
That Easter Bunny, he's a jokester. 
Plus, it was kind of educational.  And I liked that.

It was so fun to watch her go through her basket and find everything.

Right now she likes headbands.  I'll take it!

Babies in headpieces get me every time. love.it.

She caught onto the concept of finding the eggs and seeing what was inside pretty quickly.  It was so cute to hear her break the eggs open and then say the letter name in a surprised voice.
Like, "oh my gosh!  There's an A in there!  Did you know that?"

"2 eggs!"
 5 of the eggs had raisins in them.  This added a whole new level to the hunt as she would shake each egg to guess and see if it held raisins or a letter.  Much more fun than I anticipated.

Seriously, this whole post could have just been pictures of her in a headpiece.  I can't get enough.

She found all the eggs (with a little bit of mommy and daddy's help).

And honestly, we'll probably do it again.  I had just as much fun as she did.

And after breakfast, we were off to church!

Happy Easter!

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