Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let's go to the Museum!

While in Chapel Hill visiting Isla June's Mimi, Papa Kenny and Aunt Jeje, we spent our Saturday afternoon at the local Children's Museum.  It was small, but it had some good areas set up. 
Isla June loved the toddler play set.

It had walls to climb over

and things to carry around,

giant soft disks to stack

and mats to tumble on.

Plus, there was a giant wall sized road for cars and trucks.

Because she loves cars and trucks.

Then, we found the art area.  Of course.  She's still really into coloring

And then we checked out the garden area where Isla June could pick flowers and water the plants.

Or compost half-eaten food.

Then, is was time to cook!

and wash dishes.

She decided to bake the coffee pot.

We didn't spend as much time at the light table as I would have liked.  Really wanting one of these one day.

And then we were back to the toddler area for more climbing around.

She's a rascal.

Don't forget to enter the Annie's Organic Pizza Givaway!

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