Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Latelys

Going to Barefoot Landing to feed the fish.

And look at the tigers. (don't worry, they don't live there)

Craftin' it up with momma.  (It's an elephant in case you cant' tell.)

Spending a family afternoon at Broadway. 

Pushing the truck up and down the hallway.  never.gets.old.
Enjoying the new equipment at the playground.

taking some naps

Sometimes she asks me to come in her crib with her after naptime.  so fun. and sweet.

enjoying the sunshine and the new water/sand table Mimi got us.

and being mischievous.

sitting on daddy's (parked) Harley.  She told me, "bye bye, Mommy!"

taking click clack everywhere we go.

and always stopping to talk to the neighbors

what have your lately's been like?

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