Friday, May 11, 2012

22 Wonderful Months

My Dear Isla June,
What a special little girl you are.  Opinionated, Independent, and Feisty, but also sweet, and outgoing, funny and inquisitive.  You keep me on my toes.  We spend everyday laughing and laughing together.  Yes, we have "trying" moments when mommy needs you to just.walk.a.little.faster.please to the car, or when it's time to stop something you love to do (like rocking in the rocking chair), but most of our time we spend together is with smiles.  We can even smile through the fussing.

You are really loving the alphabet right now.  I even thought about making it the theme of your birthday party (which is approaching way too soon).  You sing the alphabet over and over and over and over again  You just love it.  You sing different variances of it.  You love to look for letters when we are out, especially on license plates.  You'll plop right down and examine the plate and tell me all of the letters you see (because you know all 26 of them) and them you'll tell me some of the letter sounds.  You know those too. 
Numbers are pretty high on your list right now as well.  You can count to 13 and recognize the numbers 1-10.  You love to have me write numbers.  You love looking for numbers, you love counting anything and everything that can be counted.  Especially the stairs.
Mostly, you love Elmo. *sigh*.  I really was trying to avoid this Elmo thing.  Not sure why, maybe it's the over consumerism of America stand point that I have (but I am guilty of as well).  But, alas, you L.O.V.E him.  He goes most places with us, and you always request to watch him on a movie or on my Ipad (but you're pretty good about understanding that you have to wait until 5pm).  You know all of Elmo's YouTube video songs and will request for me to sing them.

Coloring and Stickers are also pretty high up there on your list.  They are the bomb in your eyes.  We're starting to really get into painting too.  I really hope that I can help you foster a love for creating and exploring with your imagination.
The up and coming interest of yours is Cat in the Hat.  You love the computer game with him at the library and all the Dr. Suess books with his face on them.

And I would be remiss if I didn't mention your sand/water table.  You love digging in the sand and dumping it in the water.  Obviously, you love the beach for this reason, too.
We're in the midst of potty training right now.  Well, sort of.  You like being a big girl, but we're just not there quite yet. 

And have I mentioned that you talk?  Man, you talk and talk and talk.  Mostly in 2-5 word sentences.  We know what you want 99% of the time.  (unless you are tired and then it seems your communicating mechanism gets jammed up).  If you don' know what something is called, you will makeup a word for it.  Momma is your interpreter.  And, you have the sweetest manners, telling everyone hello, goodbye, yes please, thank you, and yes ma'am.  This Southern momma is proud.

You are still such a good eater.  You LOVE hummus and chips and guacamole and salmon and any kind of fruit.  Plus peanut butter.  You love peanut butter.  Green beans are still your favorite veggie, but you are warming up to sweet potatoes again.  I still hide most of your veggies in your food.  Yes, I'm sneaky.

You've made two good friends, and you talk about them all the time.  Casey and Assissa (Alyssa) are definitely your bff's.  You three are too cute together.

I love you sweet girl and I wanted to try and remember you and all the wonderful things you are doing.  Right now, exactly as you are. 


  1. Love your blog! Found you through Kelly's Korner. I also live in SC! :)

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We love Living in South Carolina!


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