Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby Style

It's been a little hectic around these here parts lately.  Everything has been great, just hectic.  Lots of what does the future hold discussions, reminiscing about the past year with our little girl and trying to fit laundry and meal prep in between those times. 

Just as quickly as I said that we've been having such a wonderful time with our sweet little toddler, she brought out her other side.  She is a Gemini, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised about this.  Either she's not ready to turn two (or a little too ready) or we've got some teeth coming in.  I've been dreading the 2 year molars for about a year now.  We'll make it, I'm sure.

shirt and skirt: Baby Gap, gift // left shoe: Old Navy // right shoe: OshKosh, gift
yes, she insisted on wearing two different shoes that day, and carrying a matching one.  craziness.

dress: thrifted // shoes: OshKosh, gift

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of her in this dress.  It's just too cute.

shorts and top: thrifted // shoes: OshKosh, gift

A lot of our summer clothes are thrifted items.  I love that!  I've actually been missing the thrill of the thrifting hunt and need to get back out there to find her more adorable outfits. 
Well, maybe I don't....


  1. I found your blog via MODG, and I am loving your blog! I have found so many great outfits for my son (and myself) at the thrift store. :)


    1. Hi Veralynn! Thank you so much for stopping by! And commenting! Thrifting is so my favorite thing because I love the bargains; they make me so happy! Glad you've found good stuff for your son, boys can be a little more difficult to shop for from what I hear. :)


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