Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Lately's

I'm not quite sure why whenever Isla June eats blueberries they have to cover her face.  I mean, why can't they just go in her mouth?  Why do they end up as facepaint?  I'm confused.
She insists on taking a friend with her whenever we leave.

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She's still really into coloring.
Also, instead of calling Mickey Mouse by his name, she refers to him as "hot dog"

The other week, whilst family shopping at the outlets, Isla June was walking through the store picking up accessories.  She especially loved the hats and trying on the shoes.
It kept her entertained while I was in the dressing room.
side story: Isla June ran out of our dressing room and before we could catch her, she managed to bend down, stick her head under another person's door and announce, "I see you!". 
Yes, we were very embarrassed.

Date night with the hubs. 
We stayed out to 10 o'clock. 

Mommy made a new rule for the house: no T.V. before 5 pm.
That means lots and lots of book time. 
We like it.

Isla June's first movie! 

I can't even tell you how many times a day this little lady makes me laugh.
Also?  I like diaper pictures right now, they make her look more like my little baby, and I know those days are fleeting.

tons of time spent at the sand table.

Hopefully, this was the last day we will need a jacket for the spring. 
This crazy weather needs to make up it's mind.

My turkey burgers became turkey crumbles the other night. 
Just a little reminder for myself that I'm still learning and definitely not a seasoned chef.


  1. I linked to your post off Kelly's Korner page...because my son is just a month younger than your daughter :). I love the title of your blog-going green and natural/organic is a shared passion of mine too. I had to laugh as we are in the sticker ("icker") phase too...and gluesticks are finally really in proper use! ...and you should check out the turkey rice recipe on my site for those turkey crumbles--probably why I invented the recipe years ago! :)
    Looking forward to reading more...

    1. Hi Michy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I need that turkey and rice recipe!!! Can't wait to check out your blog and see what more you have for me! And thanks for the glue stick tip, we need to start on that.


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