Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sand table love.

If you follow us on Instagram (under the name GreenMotherhood), you've seen multiple pictures of Isla June at her sand table.  But, I wanted to officially share it on the blog.  Because?  We love it.  Seriously, in love with it.  And if you don't have one, this is my way to subtly convince you to get one because it will make your life better (not cleaner, but better).

Mimi found our table from a coworker of hers.  So, yes, this is a secondhand item.  Are you surprised?  It's become our ringing theme here.
I love this because it has an area for sand and water.  And yes, the two often intermingle.  I've learned to live with it.

I picked up the boats and the cars from the Dollar Tree.  Isla June is really into things floating and sinking, so I was anxious to fill this table up with water for her to experiment with.  But, she's also really into cars/trucks, so I love that this thing has a "road" for her as well.  Although, let's be honest, the trucks often end up in the water. 
The fish were a gift, but I think those could be found a the Dollar store as well.

Most of the sand toys are from Nana who picked them up for us while we were in Charleston.  She has enough sand toys to designate some of them for the table and the rest for the beach.

We picked up our sand from the actual beach because play sand you purchase can have hazardous toxins in it.  If you can't get sand, YHL used rocks as an alternative. 
Just don't get the toxic stuff, mmkay?

And now, we go out on the balcony, Isla June plays for hours, and I get to sit back, smile and watch. 
It's worth cleaning up all the sand that gets tracked into the house, promise.

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