Thursday, June 21, 2012

24 Months

Dear Isla June,
For 24 wonderful months I have had the gift of being your mother.  This doesn't include the 9+ months in my belly where I did a damn fine job of feeding and protecting you.  We'll just call that "bonus time", ok?    It's like my extra credit.
I can think back to that day exactly 2 years ago when the doctor placed your screaming self on my stomach.  Despite being in complete and total shock that I was in fact holding my child, who was a girl (surprise!), I knew that I never wanted to let you go.  Even when the nurse tried to take you for the whole look over, I told her no.  I was, in fact, not letting anyone else have you.  You see, I just wasn't ready to share you yet.  We had been a team for the last 39 weeks.  How was I supposed to suddenly accept that you were going to be apart from me?
Remembering those late nights of walking a baby up and down the hallways; sincerely regretting even smelling a diet coke as it kept you viciously awake until 4 in the morning and stumbling through the newborn stage leaves me very much grateful for the place we've come to.  But, it seems that 24 months is enough time to look back on that season in our lives with fondness.  I miss your desperate need of me, your fervent nursing for nourishment and comfort, your gummy grin and the daily watch for milestone development.  It seems so long ago.  I'm not quite sure how it happens so quickly.

You're the most wonderful little person I've ever met.  So often your daddy and I will look at you and wonder to each other how we got to have to most incredible daughter.  You make us laugh and smile.  You motivate us and inspire us.  God has blessed us with you.  We strive every day to do our absolute best in raising you to be a woman of courage, strength, humility and faith.  You're going to do great things, little girl.  I just know it.


You, Isla  June, are a goer and a doer.  Your can't-be-stopped attitude permeates throughout your every move.  You've been climbing, jumping, sliding and swinging for quite a few months now.  You have very much conquered every jungle gym we've been to.
You continue to love to read.  Right now you're loving Dr. Seuss books, specifically The Cat in the Hat and Ten Apples up on Top.  You're also really into Maisy books.  If someone reads a book to you once or twice, then you can sit a read it to yourself.  I'll often read a rhyming book to you and leave out the last word on the page, you always know what it is.  It very much makes me smile.  I know you will be reading every word of your books by yourself before we know it.  Because?  Have I mentioned that you know all of your letters and their sounds (oh, I have, oops!).
You're counting to 20.  There are some numbers left out, but you always get to 20.  And, you recognize the numbers 1-10.  It makes counting books a lot of fun to read.
You can match all of your colors, and sometimes you will correctly identify them.  You've gotten pretty good with yellow and red.  You know a lot of your shapes: star, heart, octagon, circle, triangle.  We're working on a rectangle and square.  But, those are the tough ones, you know?
Some of your favorite things to do include drawing, playing in the sand, swimming, playing in the water, playing basketball, or any ball game in general, riding your motorcycle, taking the dogs out, watching movies on mommy's computer, playing cars or trains, wrestling with daddy, looking for airplanes and playing dress up.

Some funny things you do:

  • Pretend to go potty in the grass just like the doggies
  • yell, "share" if you feel you've been wronged in a situation involving something you want
  • You love to brush your teeth and shout 20! to me hoping that I won't try and get involved (because I make you count to 20 when we brush together)
  • you went through a stage where you said, "all right" all.the.time.  because, I guess I say it a lot?  I really had no idea.  so, thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  • whenever something really excites you, you will literally shake with joy

Your manners continue to flourish saying yes please, yes ma'am, excuse me, bless you and thank you!  I love hearing your sweet voice saying such sweet words.  Everyone appreciates your manners, so keep it up.

You've grown and accomplished so much over the past year.  I can't wait to see what you do next.

Here's a little recap of your busy year.  
P.S.  we adore you.

Isla June Year 2 from Meagan Jenks on Vimeo.


  1. Well, hell. Thanks for making me cry. I love this post. Can't believe IJJ is already two. Time certainly flies, doesn't it? xoxo

    1. It's the new mom hormones! ha! It does fly. Kiss that sweet, sweet baby for me.

  2. Me too. Got very teary. This is fabulous, mommy. What a treasure chest for your little girl to see when she is older. How did two years go by so fast? Kudos to Isla June's incredible mommy!

    1. I do hope she will enjoy these videos one day. It's just flying.


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