Monday, June 18, 2012

Momma and Baby Style

We had the most wonderful weekend celebrating Isla June's 2nd birthday and Jeremy's 3rd Father's day.  And in ringing true with the tradition, Isla June's birthday is going to last more than one day.  We've still got balloons in the house.  Because, of course.  So, a little bit of the party is going to pop in throughout the week.  That's ok, right?!?  I mean, you only turn two once!

Isla June wore a handmade outfit that I found for $10 at a local consignment sale.  I knew it would be perfect for her birthday when I found it months ago.  And, thankfully, I was right.
Unfortunately, she insisted on wearing her new birthday crocs instead of her cute white sandals.  
Oh well!

My dress is from the Banana Republic Outlet.  So comfy and perfect for hostessing.
My earring were a gift from my husband.  I think they are Pandora.
Don't you want to know where Leah's cute coverup is from?  
Yeah, me too.

We didn't really match.... oh well!

Some other Isla June looks from last week....

shirt and pants: Gymboree handmedown // shoes: the squeaker kind, gift // bow: GreenMotherhood Goods

How do I explain this outfit??  Isla June insisted on wearing her fathers black workout socks (they were clean) underneath her white sandals.  Plus, the old sticky-less stickers that she would NOT let me take off.
All I can say is she's independent.
shirt: Old Navy, handmedown // shorts: Baby Gap // bag: gift

leggings: Old Navy // dress: Ralph Lauren, gift // shoes: the squeaker kind, gift // bow: SmockedAuctions

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