Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our Big Fat European Vacation

Excuse the brief radio silence friends as we are preparing for the epic, monumental event known as Isla June's second birthday.  I don't really have a whole lot to do as it is going to be a very quiet affair, but I'm hoping to put my cooking (and maybe crafting??) skills to good use.  I can't cook/prepare everything until Friday night, so I'm just anxiously going over my to do list.  That's keeping me busy, promise.
On par with her birthday events, I'm working on another video to celebrate her second year of life.  And because of this, I'm kind of in the movie making mood.  Hence the following post....

In August of 2009, Jeremy and I traveled to Europe on a cruise.  We always talked about going on another cruise together (the only one we had been on was the one where we met), and we wanted to travel a bit of the world before we started our family.  I was anxious to take Jeremy to Greece, but he was really wanting to show me Spain and Italy, so we agreed on an 8 day cruise through the Mediterranean including the countries of Spain, Italy and France.  Unfortunately, my video did not allow me to title each country, so here's a brief explanation of our days.

DAY 1- Flew into Rome, Italy on plane sleep (which is like 30 minutes total)
Headed right out to see the Vatican

and St. Peter's Square

DAY 2- Load the Boat

DAY 3- Genoa, Italy

DAY 4- Nice, France

DAY 5- Barcelona, Spain
We went on a Gaudi tour through the city.  amazing.

La Sagrada de Familia.  Absolutely incredible.

DAY 6- Palma de Mallorca, Spain
(our absolutely favorite port!)

DAY 7- Cagliari, Italy
(we spent the whole day on the beach.  It was very, very hot)

Our last day on the boat was sailing back to Rome.  And then we hopped a plane back to North Carolina.  It was a whirlwind trip.  And Jeremy still laments the money we spent, but I think it was well worth the memories.
Now that you know the brief overview, here's my video montage.  It includes some actual footage of the countries, so it has a little more detail in it.

Our big Fat European vacation from Meagan Jenks on Vimeo.

Have you ever gone on a lavish vacation?  Does your husband gripe about spending money on vacation (because mine sure does! ha!)?  What was your favorite vacation?  Tell me so I can start planning our next trip (in my dreams....)

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