Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Lately's

Lo siento, mucho, mis amigos for the little blog hiatus. 
My Ipad decided to take a total nose dive last week so I've been without Internet for a week (a week!).  But, thanks to a quick day jaunt down to Charleston and the Apple store, we're back in business.  Gotta love good customer service, right?

Here's what life has been looking like so far.

My sweet first born had an eye infection.  His 3rd one in two months.  And yes, he only has one eye left so this was a bit of a scary episode.  I think we've got it all figured out now, but it looks like we're going to have to do daily drops to keep the eye producing tears.  And by we, I mean me.

Coloring and Elmo?  Yeah, buddy.

Momma made a little bit of money at the consignment store.  I'll take it.

Just received this awesome cookbook in the mail!  I'm going to try out a few recipes to share with ya'll and then have a giveaway where one of you can win one!  Details to come.  I'm really excited about sharing this amazing book.

This is a typical grocery trip for me.  I mean, really, you would think I was feeding an army. 
 I'm thinking of taking a virtual tour of my shopping experience for the blog.  You know, a whole what I put in my cart kind of post.  Maybe it would help some mommas out there.  Maybe?

On a whim (aka toddler meltdown episode), I downloaded an UmiZumi app for my Ipad.  Well, Isla June loves it.  And?  It's teaching her addition and subtraction.  crazy.  maybe it was worth the $6.99.  maybe.

She's been requesting lots of painting lately.  Oh, and she's eating oranges here too. 

I've been reading so much about fermented food and it's benefits lately, so when I came across this the other day I had to try it.  Let me say it was really gross.  But, I was feeling a little bleh and this totally gave me a pickmeup. worth it.

We found a little baby turtle trying to cross the street, so of course, I picked it up to bring it into the yard and use it as a teaching tool for the little lady.  Science is everywhere.

My sweet, independent toddler.  I actually got to sit down on a bench while she was at the park.  crazy.

We love Peanut butter.  lots and lots.

Some of our friends were in town for Memorial day and we were fortunate to host this sweet little guy.  Isla June just loved Baby Sam and often requested to hold him, brought him toys and hold his hand while riding in the car.  She was smitten with this baby.  Kind of makes me sad we haven't given her a baby of her own yet. 

I promise to be back next week!


  1. would love to see a post on your grocery shopping trips, would be super helpful to those of us just beginning to go organic!

    1. Thanks Sara! I'll work on getting something together next week!


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