Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Lately's

We're doing good work on our shapes.  
During lunch she held up her chip and announced, "It's a triangle!"

Our first rogue coloring incident.  I walked away for 1 minute.  The couch and pillows also got some markers.  Thankfully, they are washable.

They staked our lot the other day, so we spent some time seeing where our property line went.
Still praying that this all works out.

Lots of tower building.

She's been insisting on dressing herself.  Especially when it comes to swimsuits.  If she finds her swimmies, it's over.  She's got to get in the water.

This is the mix we used for Isla June's birthday cake.  So delicious and easy!

Our new favorite Gluten Free bread.   This stuff makes giving up gluten so easy.

Insisting on having daddy share his breakfast.

Lots and lots of practice putting on underwear.  We're hopefully headed in the right direction.
This picture does make me laugh, though.  My little Napoleon Dynamite.

Feeding Elmo some breakfast.

One of my new favorite all natural company's.  This is such a great mask.

I'm not real sure if this is a good thing?

A toddler lunch.  Chicken Salsa and fresh organic blueberries. Definitely a favorite.

Isla June 1 yr old and at 2 yrs.  Such a change. 

is..... vickigraff

And the winner of the Kiwi Magazine subscription is....

Thank you to everyone who left a comment, I wish I had a cookbook for everyone! I am so grateful for everyone who supports us here.


  1. Oh yea for the Kiwi win!! Super excited. If you can't tell from the time or amount of comments I'm making, Celia is asleep! It's quite the feat when dad is out of town.

    1. Yay for sleeping babies!! Hope Stuart returns soon.
      I always love your comments, friend. Email me or FB message me your address so I can get your subscription going.
      love you and kiss that baby for me!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to the cookbook!

    And I LOVE Isla June's fashion sense. Reminds me of my own when I was under 5. She will love the photos in a decade or two!


I love your comments!

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