Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Presents for a 2 year old

I really don't have any better title for this post.  sorry.

Isla June was beyond blessed this year for her birthday.  And, this post isn't a way to say, "look at all the stuff we have!"  I almost didn't post this because I don't want people to think that we're ones to be ostentatious.  But this blog, first and foremost, is a scrapbook of our lives.  And secondly, it's to support other's.  So, if you're shopping around for a two year old sometime soon, here's a couple of ideas for you.
Also, I wanted to share some of the green toy company's we've found.

ok, explanation over.

Isla June's Nonna and Pawpaw sent her the most beautiful train set.  I've had my eye on some trains because she is obsessed with the ones at the library, so you can imagine my delight when we opened this up on her birthday.  It came with a cute bag to carry everything.

This is what I love about most green toys, they are quality and will last.  This is something she can give to her children.  I love it.

A little car came to.  The company is called Green Bean Toys.  

I ordered these little animal figurines for her a few months ago from the EcoBaby buys website (they send a daily deal email to you).  They're called Pozimals by Imagiplay and they're made from Rubberwood.  Unfortunately, they're made in China, but they had no toxic smell when I took them out of the bag (yay!).  And they had a nice little tag that said "made by our good friends in China".  Ha!

The deal that day was all of the animals for $16.00 (shipping was $4.95).  After doing some research and seeing that Amazon sold them for $6-$8 each, so I realized that this was a pretty good deal!  
Isla June likes them, but I know that they are a toy that she will grow into more.  That's something else I love to find in toys is something that will grow with her.  

She received so many wonderful books!  
Books are always a wonderful gift.  She's really into the Dora ones (of course.)  Almost everyone wrote a little note in the book they gifted her as well.  I love that she can look back and see where these wonderful gifts came from.

Leah and her sweet girls gave these two items to Isla June.  Both are Melissa and Doug and perfect for our little at home preschool.

Gramma Lee gave her this super cute puzzle made from recyclable material.  We also have some small books from the company.  Good stuff.

This children's bible was such a sweet gift.  We've been reading it every night before bed.

Her BIG presents came from her daddy and Uncle Mitch, respectably.  She's been talking so much about "basketball" ever since we introduced her to it at our YMCA.  So he knew she would love to have one of her own at home.  On a side note:  I found quite a few of these on Craigslist and we almost went that route, but it was $22 and an hour drive away, so the $24.97 shipping to our doorstep included from Amazon was too much of a deal to pass up. 
The "motorcycle" as Isla June calls it was from her Uncle Mitch and Auntie Lana.  She has warmed up to it and it's a nice little addition to the household.  

Her favorite presents came from Mommy.  I spend every second of the day with her, so of course I would know what she wants.  The green crocs (they're actually Frocs from Target.)  She loves them so much she sleeps in them.  They are the compliment to every outfit (in her opinion).  
The magnadoodle has been the perfect independent play item.  We love it.  She often request me to draw Robots for her.  And she's doing a great job naming her shapes (the circle and the triangle).  
This is a must have for the little ones.

Thank you to everyone who sent gifts to Isla June.  She is one very blessed little girl!


  1. I love that wooden train and the animals! I'm always looking for good quality toys that are fun to play with (that don't cost my whole pay check!) thanks for the tips!

    1. I'm the same way! Everytime I find a new, reliable company, I get so excited!


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