Monday, July 2, 2012

Zoo Day

The other day, my friend Leah and I took our girls to the Zoo. It wasn't just a zoo because it was also gardens.  Brookgreen Gardens  is absolutely amazing.  We were there back in December (remember?) and I was so excited to return in the summer to see the animals.
 Yay!  Animals!

Also?  Three little girls and a wheelbarrow are pretty adorable.

It's pretty hard to believe that this beautiful, huge piece of land is right near us on the beach (it's about 30 minutes away).  I truly feel that this is such a blessing for our little ones.  As wonderful as the beach is, there's something magical about the gardens. 

First stop, the cows.  They were pretty unamused by us.  And the girls mostly liked climbing the fence.

There were two beautiful sanctuaries on the property.
 The first one was full of birds.  So.many.birds.

On a side note, having a friend with little girls the same age as Isla June is such a wonderful thing.  We both come up with fun adventures for our girls and help each other to live through them!  ha!

Beyond grateful for these three ladies.
also?  How cute is this?
Up next, the Sea Otters!  OMG these guys were amazing!  It was like we had our own personal show from them.  They must have loved these three little girls because they kept swimming up to the glass to show off.  
 I kind of felt guilty if some other family walked up because the otters would ignore them and keep following our little ladies around. Magical.
I could totally have a sea otter living in our bathtub.

As much as I'm against Gators (see why), I had to get a picture of this big guy.

checking out the foxes
After the zoo, we had hoped to head over to the gardens, but all of our girls were starting to melt down (you really need at least 2 days to do everything!).  We decided to stop for lunch early and had packed a little picnic for the girls (our first!).  I have no pictures of the event as we were busy carouling little girls onto a blanket and helping them not step into their food (maybe that was just Isla June). 
It was fun, but not as relaxing as a picnic sounds!

A perfect day with perfect friends.


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