Sunday, July 1, 2012

Momma and baby style: Spinning Edition

I dissappeared. 
 For a week. 
 From the blog, from Facebook, from Instagram, from Twitter.  I guess I could have just said "social media" instead of spelling that all out, but I didn't want you to think things like Linkdin or youtube were a part of my repertoire. 
I'm getting off topic.

Things are just a little crazy.  I always used to laugh in the past when stay at home moms said that thier life was crazy, but now I know.  Having a little shadow 12 of the 24 hours in the day is a little overwhelming at times.  I wouldn't trade it for the world, but it is something that you most definitely don't undersand until you've done it. 
ok, again, I'm getting off topic.

What's been going on? 
Well, Jeremy (aka. the hubs) has another job offer.  And the only reason I can tell you this is because his boss already knows about it.  So, we're dealing with that.  Having a job offer (while also being employed) is such a blessing right now.  This economy is no joke.  I am so grateful for the buisness man, hard worker, brilliant guy I married.  He always figures it out.  But, figuring it out can be....encompassing.
Also, we're in the midst of attempting to build a house.  It's not going well.  I think I'm going to do a whole seperate recap on that because it's way too involved.  We've been out looking at condos most nights to see if that's the direction God wants us to go.  Like I said, it's not working out. 
details to come.

And?  crazy of all crazy's?  I'm starting my own buisness.  It's going to be a lot of work and I'm scared to death about some of it, but I know that God called me to do it, so I'm taking the steps to get there.  Gotta remember, one step at a time. 

So all this to say?  We've been busy.  And I've neglected the blog. 
Shame on me.  I want to be better. 

Here's my little lady. 

jumper: Ralph Lauren, TJ maxx // Shoes: croc and squeaky sandal, gifts
The two different shoes have been quite common around here lately.  pickyourbattles

She's been talking up a storm.  Actually, she had a little bit of a speech regression for like 2 days where I struggled to understand her and then all of a sudden she's talking in these complete sentences and using really great words and phrases.  It's crazy that she needed that little step back to make huge leaps forward.
Just tonight I said, "It's mommy's turn right now" and she said, "then my turn."  I've been waiting so long for her to figure out that concept and actually be ok with "waiting".   Things that are tough for a toddler.
dress/shirt: gift // leggings: Walmart // sandals: gift
This crazy face is due to the fact that there was construction equipment AND helicoptors very nearby.  She was much more interested in them than getting her picture made.

And here's our picture frm last week that I am super hesitant to share....
Isla June: dress: consignment find // shoes: silver, OshKosh and croc, Target
Me? dress: OldNavy // shoes: Nine West // necklace: gift

Isla June looks adorable, and I love her dress. 
But me?  well, someone should have told me a long time ago that dress looks like a sack on me. 
ugh.  and I love it too.  I'll most definitely still wear it.  Just not take pictures in it. :)

This week was better...

On a side note, I need to get my hair done.  I'm working on it.  Is the ombre look still in?  maybe that can be my excuse.
Me: skirt: consignment find // shoes: Nine West // necklace: Forever // Sunglasses: Tj's // earrings: gift

Isla June: dress: MiniBoden, gift // shoes: see above.  and yes, they are two right feet.  pickyourbattles.


  1. I love the 'sack' dress. It looks adorable and comfy on you. ;)
    Sorry to hear about the house troubles. I pray you'll be able to work things out soon. You little girl is precious. ;) And I totally get the mismatched shoes. My four year old boy does the same thing. :)

    1. Ha! Yes, it is so comfy! I will continue to wear it for that sole reason! Thank you for your prayers. :). Glad to know we aren't alone in the shoe battles! Ha! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I had been wondering how the house situation was going, sorry to hear it is not going well. Good luck with the new business venture, I hope it brings you much success and happiness!

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you for your good thoughts! I truly didn't mean for this post to come across like I was complaining. I'm sorry if that is how it sounds!
      I'm anxious to share my buisness ventures with everyone here! I'm very excited about it (and so nervous too!)

  3. You both look adorable to me love,Dad


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