Sunday, July 8, 2012

Momma and Baby Style: Car Edition

Ever since flipping Isla June's seat forward facing, she can't stop talking about "mommy's car seat".  She will literally shake with excitement at the thought of leaping from the confines of her seat into the driver's place to play with all of the buttons.  I will frequently return to my car and find my lights and flashers on.  Thank goodness for a great battery.

shirt and shorts: Gymboree, handmedown // shoes: Oshkosh, gift

This was our second attempt at a ponytail.  I love it, but it also makes me sad because she's looking like such a big girl.  I need her to be my baby just a little bit longer.

Any future pictures of the two of us will most likely involve spinning. 
This little girl can't.sit.still.

Check out d-daddy's pimp new car in the background.  He always corrects me by saying, "new to him".  His work vehicle was no longer a part of his pay package so we had to scramble to find something that would work for our family within our budget. 
A reliable, clean, 4 new tires 2001 Honda Accord with 150,000 miles on it for 5 grand? 
yes, please. 
Honestly?  A couple of years ago we would have balked at the idea of this car.  Funny how you grow up and realize what's best for you.  And what's best for us is no car payment. 

Isla June // shirt: consignment // leggings: oldnavy // shoes: Gamecock squeakers, gift

dress: Banana Republic Outlet // Shoes: Target // necklace: consignment //bracelet: gift // earrings: f21
Happy Monday, friends!


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