Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Lately's

I haven't shared our lately's in a couple of weeks, so be prepared that there are quite a few pictures coming up.  I know that the grandparents will be happy.

This is my absolute favorite view ever.  Most swim days in the past have been with daddy, but thanks to the warm weather and this tutorial, momma's been getting in the pool and we're really teaching this little one to swim.  It's so fun and exciting.
She's really a little fish. 
I have to over-explain this suit just for a second.  See, I'm not really a fan of little girls in two pieces.  Tankini's, ok.   Maybe it's my southern conservative roots.  To each his own I say, but this is just my personal opinion and what it's going to be for my little lady.
But, this bathing suit is a handmedown from our sweet cousin, and Isla June's other bathing suit was left in High Point, so this was all we had in a pinch.  And after seeing her in it, she really looks too cute.  Plus, I just recently read about how Vitamin D is best absorbed through exposure on the stomach.  So, she's probably going to be sporting this when we're at our pool.
She's really into her blocks lately.  They're our favorite go to toy.  These are another cousin handmedown.  love those cousins.
Hubs picked this up for me after hearing a friend of ours ravely review it.  I've been hesitant to open it as I'm not really one to read for pleasure (pun not intended).  Most of my books are about how to be a better mommy, follower of Christ, wife, blogger, etc.  Things I need to read.
We'll see how this goes.

After swim forehead curl.  Her hair at this stage is absolutely divine.
After a couple of crazy weeks of being out of town, Isla June and I decided to spend a quiet day at home (more like forced as daddy forgot to get us the car seat out of his car).  We spent the day reading, stacking blocks, playing dress up, dunking basketballs, and just out enjoying each other.  It was much needed.
We found some playdough at Gramma Lee's house.  It's inspired me to get on making our own.

road trip.  sunglasses. "beep beep"

Daddy is no longer allowed to put on his own socks for the day. 
 He's resorted to bringing out 2 pairs in the morning.
Sharing is required by everyone in this house.
watering Gramma Lee's flowers...

watering Gramma Lee's sidewalk....

watering everything else. 
It really was fun.  And I said..."why not?!"
Like I said, water baby.
Funny side story- the pool monitor came over and threw us out of the pool right after this picture was taken.  Thunder and one flash of lightening were heard and seen in the town over (you could see how far away the storm was).  She proceeded to tell us how she would "get in trouble" for letting us in the pool in her most sincere way despite barely being able to stand or form her words.  Yes, we got thrown out of the pool by a drunken pool monitor.  The most comical part to me that she was worried about getting in trouble for us swimming, not for being inebriated.  priorities.
Isla June loved Gramma Lee's porch swing.  I think we will need one at the next house.

Isla June hanging out in Gramma Lee's hospital bed.
back story: Jeremy's mom was in the hospital due to some heart issues.  The three of us were in town for the last bit of her stay and just missed her release.  We were glad to be able to perk up her spirits and give her hugs in person.  I know it was a scary and uncertain week for everyone, but she's at home resting now.
We're grateful for everyone's prayers.
Isla June decorated her thank you cards.  I figured since she couldn't write the notes, she could at least add her drawing talents as a way to show her appreciation for everyone's generosity.
Isla June can officially have yogurt again!  It's coconut yogurt and absolutely divine. 
Unfortunately, It's almost $2.50 a cup.  Worth it, I say.

Homemade gluten free blueberry vanilla pancakes with almond butter
 and a side of organic apricots.

My breakfast: scrambled eggs, pancakes (see above, but add organic butter), organic strawberries
This picture makes my mouth water.  I think I could eat breakfast for every meal.
Helping mommy put away the dishes.  She's such a good helper.

Getting ready for the fireworks that she didn't enjoy.  I think we were too close.
Funny how she can sleep through fireworks almost every night (oh the myrtle beach tourists...), but in person, they were just too much.  In her defense, she was tired (and actually requested bedtime that night) and we were way too close to them for comfort.

National Anthem seating.

My new bag purchased from a local shop.

After reading about what Elizabeth's family from ETellsTales is going through in losing their personal business, family owned grocery store, I vowed to find a local business to support.  Theirs is a heart breaking story and one heard too often in this economy.  I know that it is tight for everyone, but finding just one local shop to support makes a difference.  There are certain things I have to buy on Amazon, but there are a lot of things that I can purchase at our local health food store and Farmer's Market that very much fit within our budget. 
Elizabeth's plight has inspired me to seek out the smaller personally owned stores and offering my support whenever I can. 

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. IJJ's curls hurt my heart. Love the update. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Cassie. Penelope's hair does the same thing to me. :)

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