Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Charleston Getaway

A few weeks ago, the three of us traveled down to Charleston to visit with family.  Jeremy's sister and father were in town and his step-brother is at school at the College of Charleston (jealous?  oh, yes).
By the time we arrived and checked in, it was nap time.  That's what traveling with a toddler is like for us: schedules, finding allergy friendly food and packing everything we own into the car for one overnight stay. 
It's worth it to see family. 
But, upon waking from nap, we headed out to the beach.  It was very low tide, and beautiful. 
The weather was absolutely perfect.  And, of course, my little beach bunny enjoyed every second.

We might need to invest in an outdoor shower. She loved the concept of being outside and playing in a waterfall- two of her favorite things.

Dinner with Boppa and Uncle Robby later that night.  She was a little bit unruly.  But in her defense, our food took forever, we had been traveling all day, and she was excited about her dinner guests.

The mother across from us was very disappointed in my child's behavior. Her judging looks from nearby we're enough to tell me that she was very smug in her mommydom as her two children sat in their high chairs without squawking for over 30 minutes.
Well, lady, I'm impressed too. Wish I would have walked over and given you a fist bump in admiration, but I was too busy chasing down my independent, inquisitive toddler. Next time.

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