Monday, August 13, 2012

Momma and Baby Style: Pouffy Skirts Edition

Let's just not talk about the last week. mmkay?  

We've been busy being 2 years old around here.  Little lady talks nonstop.  nonstop.  It's lively and entertaining.  In fact, she's currently talking and singing through her nap time.  I thought that we were done with teething as I can now see all 4 of her two year old molars.  But, it seems I pulled the plug on the teething remedies a little early.  
Speaking of singing....favorite songs include Yankee Doodle, mommy's made up song about putting a frog on your eye, a little ditty that includes the phrase Isla June Jenks and the phonics song on the LeapFrog DVDS.  Then, she'll suddenly break out in a new song that puts all of those together.  She's just a singin'

Some of her new phrases:
My have it!
Your Turn!  (which really means MY turn)
Mommy, hold you.
Ohhhhhhh, Pin-a-wheels!

All dressed up for a little friend's birthday party.  
Dress: MyBellaBums on FB // Shoes: well, those are not ours.  She has an obsession with putting other children's shoes on. // Bow: Smocked Auctions on FB

We really are having so much fun together.  It's still tough and full of trying moments.  But, it is oh so fun.  I feel extremely fortunate to be able to be here for all the little moments throughout the day.  
Just before nap today I realized that having a little girl means I get to brush her hair.  I don't know why I never thought of this before, but I just sat there and started thinking about all the times I'm going to get to sit with her and brush her hair.  Hopefully, she'll repay that favor.

Isla June< skirt and shirt: Gymboree, gift // shoes: 1 croc, Target 1 squeaker, gift // Bow: SmockedAuctions on FB
Me< skirt: BananaRepublic // shoes: TOMS // shirt: costco // necklace: gift // bracelets:  gifts


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