Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Style: A retraction

As a mother, the number one thing I have learned is to never say never.  I'm sure for extremes I can still use this statement, but here's another small incident where I have to eat my words.

About a year ago, I may have said, "We don't do smocking."  What I really should have said is, "We don't do expensive outfits." (because I'll cry when they are easily ruined) Smocking used to fall under that category.  

until now.......

It all started at a consignment sale where I found a dress for $15.00 and a romper for $10.00.
And then at another store, I found a second hand blouse for $4.00.  (The first three items from the left)
I figured that if we could have smocking in our lives for such a good price then we could maybe find a way to have this style be a part of her wardrobe.

But then, I discovered shopping on ......Facebook.  
The prices are great and I'm supporting small businesses (bonus!)

Our favorite brands....

warning: it's totally addicting.


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