Monday, September 24, 2012

Momma and Baby Style: Striped Edition

I may have had an unnecessary freak out about the seasonal change.  I can admit that now.
This new breeze we have is amazing.  Plus, we live at the beach so it's not like we can't enjoy all the sunshine.  We aren't swimming in our pool, which is sad.  But, we are enjoying going to the beach so much now that it's not too hot to touch the sand. 
I've got to start remembering about that half full glass. 
Isla June // dress: SmockaDot // shoes: Oshkosh, gift // bow: Smocked Auctions // purse: gift

Momma // top: Gap // jeans: Banana Republic // shoes: Target // necklace: gift // watch: Target // bracelets: gifts

This is how she was smiling that day: eyes squinted, hands clenched, nose wrinkled yelling "cheese!"

don't mind the baby boogers. :)


  1. Love your jeans! Letter on it's way today. It's been in my purse for a week... oops!

    1. Thanks! Totally understand about that letter! Can't wait for it!


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