Friday, September 28, 2012

Our Lately's

Favorite Dress-up attire can now be found in Daddy's underwear drawer.  Boxers as skirts are the next big thing.

Still loving the kitchen (thank you, Julie!)

Over Memorial Day weekend, we traveled up to see my grandparents in Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, this is the ONLY picture I have of the event.  It seems that chasing after a 2 year old in a retirement   village means I'm too busy to pull out my camera.  Still sad I didn't get any pictures of Isla June with her great-grandparents, but more determined for next time.

"Bayance Beam" practice for my little future Olympian.
(But, alas, it will more than likely NOT be in Gymnastics.  You're gonna be too tall, kid)

Loving the motorcycle.  She'll yell out, "There she goes!"  before taking off.

I finally convinced the hubs to get rid of a bunch of his stuff.  Prying it from his hands was another story.
I love a good purge.  Makes me feel fresh and very satisfied.
Not sure hubs would say the same thing.

How can this picture be from just a year ago?  Where did my little baby go?  I still cannot believe how quickly the days/weeks/months/years are passing by.  I wouldn't give the joy of watching her grow up away for anything in the world, but man, it just happens way too fast.

Our days of swimming seem to be gone as the pools have gotten just a smidge too cold.  This picture makes me so very nostalgic.

Just a little sneak preview of our Magic Bloks party and another giveaway coming up!

Sitting in her high chair (miracles!do!happen!) and loving on some Mexican for lunch.
Our weekly CSA basket  One bag is fruits and the other veggies.
All of this for 24 bucks a week.  Shopping local is cheaper for us (and maybe for you too!)

I did a project like this with my students all the time.  And suddenly I looked over while Isla June was painting and realized I had never done it with her.  crazy mommy.
So, here's presenting, Truck Painting.  It's tons of fun and not that big of a mess.  Plus, if you get some with cool wheels the prints will be pretty neat.

Playing Peek-a-boo with Mommy.


  1. Ivey says she wants to be invited to one of your exciting parties!

    1. Are you sure about that after our last play date?!?! Ha! Hopefully our next get together will involve less potty training advnetures.

  2. We live in Reading, PA. if you are visiting this area, let us know. We'd love to see you!

    1. Oh, Vicki! That would be wonderful! This was a crazy quick trip (less than 24hours of visiting with grandparents) :( They are in York. Not sure how close that is to Reading? Hopefully we can plan something in the future. :)


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