Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Lately's

We've been going on outings throughout the week to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having.  The Butterflies were out in full force this day.  She would tell me, "I'm hunting butterflies!"

My daily arm party. 
 I figured I needed to start wear my wonderful gifts from my family and it's kind of fun.

Sweet Boppa reading bedtime stories. 
I loved it.

$2 bucks for a carousel ride was too good to pass up.

We found these while out and about.  Super cute and fun. 
Although, I may have just bought them for myself....

I've been doing lots of cooking lately.  And trying out new recipes.
These eggs cups are super easy and a great healthy breakfast for the hubs.
I use Organic Applegate Farms turkey/chicken slices.

"do wips?"
(p.s.  I kind of want to frame this pic)

I bought myself some birthday flowers.  Picked out by my little girl.

Another one of our weekly outings.  We have so much fun together.
And we think Myrtle Beach is pretty awesome.

Girls night pedicures and drinks to celebrate my birthday.

These two crazy kids.  love.them.

Little Girl had to sit down at the edge of the pond to "look for frogs"
We found none.

Our church rents bounce houses.  enough said.
on a side note, little girl talks non stop about finding bouncy houses to jump in.
We're on the hunt

Our new favorite snack.  Larabar's

Mimi had a slip up and taught Isla June her first "curse word" (dagnabit).  It's not the worst, but I most certainly do not like it.  Especially the fact that she uses it in context.
We've been giving my mom a pretty hard time about it.  I found this little gem after she a Papa Kenny left the other week.

"Mister Tatoe"
Is this what she thinks I look like?

Got myself a little something for mah birthday.

Daddy and little girl have taken over pancake making in the mornings.

Rocking chairs call to be rocked.

My shoes started off white before my run.
Also, I'm praying.

Our outside playground.

This lady.

We've all officially battled the stomach bug.  Good news is it moves on after only 18 hours.
Glad that's behind us.

My sweet little grocery helper.


  1. She is just too cute. Glad the stomach bug didn't last long!


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