Monday, October 29, 2012

Toddler Style: Secondhand Edition

It's no secret that I love thrift/second hand shopping.  It's such a thrill for me to score great finds at even greater prices. 
I have a couple of great children's consignment boutiques that we pop into every now and then, but my greatest find has been the big local warehouse consignment sale that happens here two times a year (you may recall my finds from last Spring).
This year I chose to consign some of my items to help me clean out her closet and get a chance to be an early bird shopper. 
I'm still keeping tons of Isla June's clothing, but I figured that instead of keeping everything that I would keep our favorites and our necessities.  Even if we are blessed with another little girl one day, there is enough left over in Isla June's wardrobe to outfit another little one but, I know that I will always want to purchase for each individual child. 
This is just what I've figured works for us. 
Selling and buying second hand is my favorite way to "go green".

On the first early shoppers night I had Little Girl in tow.  It was interesting to say the least.  She wanted to try on in the mountainous piles that had been set out.  And I wanted to grab every boutique item I could find before someone else snatched them away! 
Thankfully, we managed to work together a little bit and walk away with some great finds.

The pink sweater is Lilly Pulitzer, the grey checked dress is J.Crew, the jeans/shirt are Gap and the Santa dress is Boutique.
Name brands for 1/4 the price!
 *Consignment Tip*
Before I shopped, I looked through Isla June's closet to see what she would need for the upcoming year, specifically, the Fall/Winter.  I made a list of these items and went in with those in mind which helped me to look for exactly what I wanted instead of getting overwhelmed with the racks and racks of clothing.
Also, I had $100 in cash and set that as my budget.

The next day, I felt like there were so many areas that I didn't even get a chance to look at because I was so distracted by my attempts to keep my toddler from ransacking the toy area.  So, I went back.
Gymboree and Old Navy. 
Little Boy's button-ups are my new favorite finds.  They go great with leggings.
Three days later, they had a 50% off sale.  I almost didn't go because I was afraid there would be nothing left.  Then I got an email saying that consignors could shop a whole day early (woohoo!) 
Even with Little Girl in tow, we were able to grab all these great finds. 
I couldn't believe the awesome stuff that was left. 
And at such great prices.

the 3 items on the right were part of the "boutique" section.  The blue ladybug dress is corduroy and smocked.  What a deal.
And the 3 dresses for $2.50?  I couldn't believe it.
For under $100 bucks, I've got a mostly year round wardrobe for the Isla June.  I made half of that back with what I was able to sell (so I really only spent $50).
We even scored a little tricycle for $8 as well.  (couldn't pass that up!)
So many areas have similar sales, finding one could be as easy as googling around. 
Well worth it in my book :)  Happy Shopping!

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