Monday, November 26, 2012

Momma and Baby Style: Winter Edition

I was thisclose to throwing out the idea of these style posts.  The time and effort it was taking to get our picture taken was getting a bit tedious.  Plus, I would be a horrible liar if I told you that I get dressed everyday. 
Pajamas are my jam. 
But, who wants to see pictures of that??
And on the other side of the coin, I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "style blogging" anyways.  I think we're all trying to combat the over consumerism that is brewing around us and I most certainly don't want to add to that (or feel pressure from it). 
I am very much blessed with more than enough.
But then, the seasons changed, and Isla June started wearing her winter clothes, and I want to document these memories.  Which is back to the whole reason I started this series in the first place.
Who knows?  We'll let these posts come and go as they please.

I have to tell you though that three-fourths of Isla June's outfit came from the consignment store.  All name brand (JCREW, Carter's, and Janie&Jack).  That little boy's cotton/linen blend button up has been one of the best 3 dollar purchases I have ever made; such a versatile piece she can wear with so many different things.

And her puffer vest?  That's from the little boy's section too.  After I saw her in a similar one borrowed from our little buddy, I was on the hunt to find one of her own.  Little did I know I would find such a great deal on one ($4!), and it still had a little treasure left in it from the previous owner (a big acorn).  That's something else I love about consignment: carrying on the memories.

For the mommas: one thing I do love about the winter time is fashion becomes so easy.  Black leggings, dress/tunic and cognac boots.  That's the color you want. Cognac.  They'll go with everything.

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope to be back a few times this week :)


  1. Super cute!!!! I want to say 90% of Judahs outfits are from thrift stores and handme downs from other mama's :-) I rarely purchase anything new for him :-)


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