Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rememberng You at 27 Months (Momma's a Slacker....)

Dear Isla June,
This post is now over 2 months late as you are quickly approaching 2 and one half.  But, I couldn't just let it fall by the wayside.  You really are growing and changing everyday.  I am beyond grateful that I am able to share your days with you.

Your favorite shoes all summer long were your crocs (or "trocs" as you called them).  Even with the weather being cooler, I have to convince you not to wear them.

My sweet girl, at 27 months you were:
  • counting to 20 (it may be eleven,twelve, fourteen, fourteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty), but you always got there.
  • counting in Spanish, but only while jumping.  And boy, can you jump.
  • completely dressing yourself and very opinionated about what you will and will not wear
  • wearing your shoes on the wrong because that's how you liked them
  • peeing on the potty!
  • calling yourself "yittle girl"
  • calling bugs, "wee bugs"
  • asking me, "Hey, why you crying?"
  • wanting to sleep in the big bed (but getting too excited about it to fall asleep)
  • bowing your head and folding your hands to pray
  • whenever I ask you to hold my hand, you would shake your head at me and insist on holding your own hand.
  • on the lookout for stop signs and spell out S-T-O-P stop.  then you yell at cars to stop.
  • talking non.stop.
Here's a little Q&A session from one morning:
What is your name? "Iya"
How old are you? "six" (every.single.time.I.ask.)
How old are you really? "two"
What's your Favorite Color?  "This one!" (holds out a purple crayon)
What's your Favorite Game? "Trains" (signs and says it)
What's your Favorite Toy? "Jack in the Box"
What is your favorite song? "Old McDonald had a Farm"
Who are your favorite friends? "Casey and Assisa"
What is your Favorite Animal? "My Daddy"

I love you sweet girl! 


I love your comments!

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