Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Icy Start to the Holiday's

We spent our Christmas break at my parent's house in Chapel Hill this year, arriving 4 whole days before Christmas (a Christmas Miracle, I tell you).  Mimi had our days full of activities, starting with a trip to the ice skating rink.
We were all excited. 
I was nervous about how Little Girl was going to take to this.  We've attempted roller-skates one time.  Ice skating, never. 
Good thing I packed her helmet for my own peace of mind.

Daddy was very excited.  He loves these kind of things. 
We had between 2-4 layers of clothing on every inch of this little lady's body.
We were prepared.

Everyone laced up their shoes, except for Mimi who complained about "weak ankles", and we were off!
I gave my mom a 10 second tutorial on my camera, said a little prayer, and left the documenting up to her.  She did pretty good, say I!

Let's just say Little Girl didn't love it.  We tried to convince her to use these cool little plastic "holder-uppers" (that an amazingly sweet little boy scored for us.  Seriously, he was so kind.  Restores my faith in the younger generations) but, she would have none of it. 

Even with some pep talks.  She just didn't like it.

Daddy did a lot of carrying her around the rink. SuperDaddy

But, she was more than happy to go sit with Santa. 

 I'm pretty sure she knew that he had candy canes. 
Then she wanted to get off the ice and eat her treat.
So the big kids took a few spins around the ice.

We would all stop and wave to Little Girl and her Mimi.   

 Such a fun day with the Family. 
And this amazing Little Girl.

We're still talking about it. :)

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