Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas 2012

There was something stirring inside me about Christmas this year. 
It's like I could feel the magic. 
I spent all of Christmas Eve washing new Christmas Pajamas, preparing Christmas Breakfast in the crockpot, cleaning and organizing the house in such a way that we could all gather together in the morning for present opening, and finally arranging all of the presents under the tree.
It was one of those moments in motherhood where your excitement for someone else creates this intense feeling of joy that just stirs inside of you.
Motherhood truly is magical.  And it swelled my heart.

We started the Elf Hunting tradition this year.  Jeremy and his sister grew up searching for figurine elves my sister-in-law has continued this tradition with her children as well.
Isla June named her Sara the Elf.  Unlike the popluar Elf on the shelf, she's not mischievous and she can be touched and her job is not to report back to Santa about wrong doings but to encourage Isla June to always do and try her very best.
I can see why so many families have started this tradition!  It is really so much fun.
Because we start the morning opening stockings, I wanted Sara the Elf to be hiding in the perfect spot.
Of course, first thing, she ran to the bike.  She asked Santa for one for Christmas and Aunt Zizzie delivered.
Side Note:  Isla June's Wish List for Santa was different every time we asked.
Items she told us were:
  • An Umbrella 
  • A baby (real and pretend) 
  • A Bike
  • Candy Canes
  • A train
Our theme for Christmas this year was "giving back". 
Both Isla June's Mimi and her Jeje sponsored animals for the Wildlife Federation in her honor (a wolf and a polar bear).
All of the adults purchased gifts for each other that donated towards a non-profit organization or donated money directly to a worthy cause.  It was heart-warming to hear about everyone looking for ways to give and to honor one another through that.

Our Christmas this year also involved a lot of second hand items.  My mom and I found a great high end children's resale in the area and bought much of Isla June's stocking stuffers and some presents there.
See that black eye?  Well, that's from playing hide and seek in blanket tunnels with Daddy and Uncle James the night before. 
"Just like Doc McStuffin's!"
Every time we opened up something, we had to play with it. 
 I loved that.
Made for a very fun morning.
We ended the morning with everyone putting together the choo choo train.

Christmas Dinner, cooked by Papa Kenny and Aunt Lizzie, included all freshly made favorites.
 It was even allergy friendly for my little family! (gluten, dairy, soy and GMO free!)
The Most Perfect Christmas. Ever.

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