Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Christmas Jungle

On the third day of Family Christmas, Our Mimi gave to us.....
A trip to the Tiger Sanctuary
We figured it would be like the zoo.  Isla June loves animals, so we thought this would be a hit.

thought is the main word.
I forgot that this was a guided tour through the grounds.  And after a 10 minute "Welcome" talk from our guide, Isla June was already getting antsy.  Naturally.  I mean, she is two.  And she's mine.  Which means she's got a lot of energy.  And a mind of her own.
We also got a brief run down of the rules:
  • don't cross the ropes
  • stay with the group
  • don't run
  • don't yell
Essentially, don't be two years old. 
We thought she would be best on Uncle James shoulders
(side note: Uncle James is 6 foot 5.  It's a good viewing point)
I quickly realized from our first stop that this was not going to go as planned.  A brief synopsis:
Tour guide stops. 
Discusses the animal we are looking at with full detail. (we're talking 10-15 minutes)
Everyone else is listening quietly. 
Little girl yells out "hey kitty!" 
Little Girl attempts to jump the rope. 
Little Girl yells, "guys, let's go!"
People turn and stare.
We continue on.

During one of the long talks, we ventured a few feet away to give Little Girl something else to do and the rest of the group a little break. :)

Then it was time to see the Tigers.  

This guy really captured her attention.  Finally.

Despite the wiggles, this little child can melt my heart.  Love her up.
Then we were off to see the Lions. 
They weren't that close and I think Little Girl had had enough at this point.
Interesting Fact: These are all Males Lions.  Male Lions all end up loosing their manes as they age.  Male pattern baldness perhaps?
Despite the crazy toddler antics, we had a good time as a family. 
Little Girl did find ways to keep herself busy.....
The last Tiger we saw of the day.  Because after this we were done.  Fled to the car and headed home to attempt a nap. 
I'm so glad to support the sanctuary and their amazing cause to house and protect these animals. 
Next time, we'll just send a check ;)
And wait about 4 more years to take Isla June back.  An adventure nonetheless!


  1. Whoa - I didn't know that lions can lose their manes. Kinda cool fact, there. Totally male baldness; it runs through species, I guess. And that "Guys, let's go!" was too cute. Seriously, she's adorable.


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